Complete Orthopaedic Innovation Pty (Ltd) is a medical business development company with a national infrastructure and head office located at, Medical House, 808 Hammets Crossing Office Park, No. 2 Selborne Street, Johannesbug North, 2188.

The primary focus of Complete Orthopaedic Innovation is to provide cost effective, proven health care solutions to address the healthcare needs in South Africa. Our Executive Directors share over 45 years’ experience in the medical industry and have been involved in managing global medical companies in South Africa. With this combined experience they are ideally suited to form synergistic partnerships to tackle the growing South African healthcare demands.

Here at Complete Orthopaedic Innovation, we believe in a number of key principals which underpin our objective of becoming a market leader in South Africa. We strive to provide solutions to address the numerous pathologies in orthopaedics.

The primary focus of Complete Orthopaedic Innovation, is to ensure the best outcomes for patients by providing quality products from internationally recognized manufacturers in a cost effective manner. We have formed associations with companies able to offer these products. In addition to this, we are passionate about ensuring that new and upcoming South African surgeons are upskilled in surgical techniques, and as such have developed strong relationships with recognized opinion leaders to be able to facilitate the training and skills transfer to these new surgeons.

Complete Orthopaedic Innovation is committed to provide the best orthopaedic solutions to assist in treating patients more effectively, ensuring excellent outcomes whilst still remaining cost effective.

Our Mission

Enabling Medical Professionals. Helping Patients.

Our Vision

To be a trusted pioneer within the medical industry in developing and providing professionals the latest innovative and approved, market leading medical products and health care solutions.

Our Values

Ensuring our products help and enable them to support and improve lives.

Providing the highest quality products to medical professionals to ensure they can expand the health solution options available, maintaining integrity.

Nurturing a valued network of suppliers and partners to ensure transparency and trust in our products.

In a constantly evolving industry, we strive to be pioneers and thus focus on aiding professional education; innovation and providing the best approved medical and health care solutions available, at a competitive rate.